Bespoke Handrails

Specialising in the manufacture, fabrication and fitting of bespoke metal handrails

The London Blacksmith specialises in the manufacture, fabrication and fitting of bespoke metal handrails which are made specifically to suit and complement your particular environment and to meet your own particular needs.

Whether your property is a hotel, theatre, country or town house, listed building apartment or other commercial premises we can supply and fit all types of handrails in a variety of metals and finishes.

Should you require traditional or ornamental handrails as either a stand-alone unique feature or as part of an overall staircase installation we are happy to work with your own architect or project manager to ensure that you receive the best quality handrails available, or if you prefer, we can project manage the work from initial consultation and design through to installation.

We have worked in a variety of properties and areas including central and outer London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Suffolk and specialise in the manufacture of bespoke brass handrails which are particularly well suited to commercial premises.


Whether internal or external, or for domestic or commercial premises, The London Blacksmith is happy to work in conjunction with your own design team to provide you with a unique, handmade, bespoke staircase.

Handmade metal handrails aNd staircases

A range showing the spectrum of scale and design achievable.